This program lets you determine the pin circle diameter of a tube base from measurements more readily made with a micrometer. You may enter data in any units (inch, mil, mm, etc.), and the results will be in the same units.

Also produced is a part definition suitable for Osmond, the PCB layout package I use - I make no guarantees that it will be useful for anyone else. The generated definition will need to have units added if the input dimensions aren't in mils: you may also want to delete unused pin positions, and add a center keying hole at 0,0. The generated holes will be 5% larger than the pin diameter, and pads will be twice the pin diameter.

A version of this program that produces part definitions for Eagle is maintained by Nick de Smith here.

Number of pins in complete circle:
Measured width (see diagram):
Measured pin diameter:
Pin 1 location (viewed from back):
Version history:
1.1 - Corrected problem in Osmond output that caused the pin circle to be twice as big as it should be.

Written by Jason Harper.